The Greatest Brief Make-up Routines


Readers had a great threadjack about short makeup routines a while ago, and I thought we should discuss again — especially since some of us may be trying to elevate our “daily” routine as part of New Year resolutions.

What IS your makeup routine? Do you do it every day, even if you’re working from home? If you also have a longer routine, what’s different about your short makeup routine?

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For my own $.02, I’ve written before about my internal debate about whether wearing makeup when working from home was Perpetuating the Patriarchy versus Feeling Nice About Myself.

I eventually decided that I feel more polished and happier in general if I take two minutes to smudge on some concealer, eyeliner, and blush first thing and then supplement throughout the day with powder and lipstick. (I am the queen of plum/beige plum/taupe berry sorts of lipsticks — no matter how I try to make an “everyday red lipstick” happen.)

I’ve bought multiples of both my concealer and my blush, while I mix up my eyeliner and lipstick based on my mood/whatever I grab first.

A probably important caveat for 2021: first thing out of bed I tend to put on workout clothes and accordingly not much makeup — it’s only later in the day, when I put on “people clothes,” that I do my short makeup routine. I have sensitive eyes and haven’t found a great “daily” mascara in a while, so I cheat with eyeliner.

Another caveat: I have makeup looks for different occasions, and my makeup routines for “date night” or even “big work presentation” are a lot different than the super short one here.

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As of 2021, my every day makeup is pretty boring — curled eyelashes + concealer + blush (Nars Orgasm) + powder, with a different lipstick and eyeliner depending on my mood. If I’m feeling extra fancy I’ll add mascara, highlighter, and/or do my brows with this cream and this brush (here’s my review). (I also add eye shadows in the “extra” days but it’s a huge variety, maybe 25 or so different ones.)

Some favorite lipsticks include Clinique (Graped Up & Voluminous Violet), NARS lipstick (Damage), Fenty (Goji Gang), NARS gloss (Orgasm, Fast Lane), Clinique (Black Honey). I use this NYX lipliner (Natural) for almost all of them.

Favorite eyeliners include Chanel (Espresso), Urban Decay (Sabbath, Smoke), Clinique (Intense Chocolate & Plum), and this NYX liquid one.

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Readers, do you have a short makeup routine? What do you do — and how does it vary from how much makeup you wear to work?

(Stock photo (pots and brushes) via Stencil.)






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