Resistance Band Coaching Workouts for Surfers


In the event you’re a surfer, you’re conscious that you just want stability, power, and suppleness. What higher solution to obtain all of these without delay than with resistance band coaching!


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Resistance bands are rubbery, elastic bands that come in several sizes, textures, thicknesses, and lengths. They’re used extensively in rehabilitation coaching and extra persons are starting to make use of them in full-body exercises.


Benefits of coaching with resistance bands

Listed below are some advantages of adding resistance bands to your coaching routine:

  • Resistance bands are moveable. Surfers travel a lot, so carrying plenty of health objects is usually prohibitive. Resistance bands are light-weight and compact, which makes them an amazing addition to your journey pack and your yoga mat and a skipping rope.
  • They make dynamic stretches simpler. Dynamic stretches are stretches the place you progress when you stretch, and they’re important for constructing power, flexibility, and stability.
  • Resistance bands are cheaper than the fitness center. A set of bands can value as little as $25.99.
  • Their versatility permits you to prepare anyplace. Even in the event you stay in a small area or a van, you may get a great exercise. They don’t require a lot area, only a little bit of creativity.
  • They allow you to work extra areas of your physique without delay. With weights, you’re solely engaged on one specific muscle group. Resistance bands work the smaller stabilisation muscular tissues throughout the joint to maintain the resistance band in place. Much like pilates and different smaller motion centered workout routines, you may get an amazing exercise in a brief area of time.

Do some dynamic stretches with resistance bands earlier than hitting the water.



High resistance band coaching workout routines for surfers

Listed below are some high resistance coaching workout routines for surfers. Do from 10 to 20 reps of every train, and repeat every train a minimum of twice.


Banded squats

Banded squats work the Gluteus Medius, hip abductor, and quadriceps. You’ll want a hip band, a smaller round band like Victorem’s hip circle.

Get up straight, with toes hip-distance aside and the resistance band round your thighs. It ought to be simply above your knees.

Widen your stance till the band is good and tight, then do squats, retaining your again straight. Additionally, listen that your knees don’t go additional ahead than your ankles.


Banded hip flexor stretches

This train is superb for hip joint stability and glute power.

Wrap the resistance band across the backside of your proper foot. Get down in your mat or the ground. Lie face down along with your proper leg bent in order that your foot is near your glutes.

Now slowly straighten that leg as a lot as you’re able, working in opposition to the band. Pause on the high of the motion. Deliver your foot again slowly, then repeat.

Repeat this on the left aspect.

girl lying down resistance band training



Banded burpees

Burpees work your hamstrings, quads, calves, and pecs, triceps, and deltoids. 

Do burpees as you normally would, however loop the resistance band simply above your ankles. Hold your stance vast sufficient to really feel the strain within the band.

Every time you progress, your outer leg muscular tissues will probably be getting an additional exercise!

Variation: Loop the resistance band round your forearms and hold your arms vast sufficient to really feel the stretch throughout the push-ups.

Burpee exercises


Banded shoulder press

This train works your deltoids, triceps, and higher chest. You’ll want an extended resistance band for this train. Stand with each toes hip-distance aside and on the resistance band. Maintain the far aspect of the band in every hand.

Now carry your arms up and over your head right into a shoulder press. Pause on the high of the motion. Exhale as you carry the band up. Return your fingers to shoulder top, and repeat!



Banded pull-downs

Banded pull-downs work your latissimus dorsi muscle. Wrap or loop your resistance band round a pole, tree, or one other stationary object. Kneel in entrance of it, holding each ends of the resistance band in your fingers.

Now do pull-downs to carry your fingers all the way down to your chest, exhaling as you carry your arms down.

girl doing Pull down exercise



Banded entrance squats

Banded entrance squats work the gluteus medius, hip abductor, and quadriceps. Stand in the identical place because the banded shoulder press, holding the band in the identical method. This time you’re going to maintain your fingers on high of your shoulders, palms dealing with up. 

Do squats on this place, ensuring the band stays round your toes and your palms. Exhale every time you straighten your knees. 

Shoulder exercises resistance band training



Banded bent-over rows

This train works your decrease rhomboids. Stand in the identical place, however this time holding each ends of the resistance band, one in every hand. Lean over so that you just’re dealing with ahead at an angle however along with your again straight. Your knees are barely bent.

Now pull up on the band along with your fingers as in the event you had been making a rowing motion. Hold your legs and again in the identical place.



Banded push-ups

Banded push-ups work your chest, shoulders, again, hips, and triceps. Wrap your resistance band round your higher again, holding onto every finish. You need to really feel the band throughout your shoulder blades.

Now do push-ups as you usually would. The band will probably be very tight on the high, so pause there earlier than coming again down slowly.

Resistance Band push ups



There you have got it, a collection of resistance band workout routines to construct your browsing efficiency. Take pleasure in!

For extra surf coaching concepts please see our whole section on surf training and progression.



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