Define of Prophecy 17 – The 4 Horsemen


   Nicely greetings associates, that is Herbert W Armstrong with the excellent news of the world tomorrow, persevering with now with an overview of prophecy. What is going on to occur on the earth any further? I have been displaying you that every one Bible prophecies are coordinated within the ebook of Revelation; how about one third of the Bible is dedicated to prophecy. Prophecies start within the ebook of Genesis and so they undergo the Bible to the ebook of Revelation, which may be very largely prophecy.
   You discover prophecy scattered all between in each Outdated and New Testaments. Within the ebook of Revelation, John — who was used to write down it, or document it to writing — data the prophecies in what he noticed in imaginative and prescient. The ebook of Revelation accommodates additionally the phrase of God and the direct testimony, or phrases, of Jesus Christ, beside the prophecies. However a lot of the prophecies are recorded in what John noticed in imaginative and prescient, and the principle prophecy of the ebook of Revelation is, or begins, in chapter six. However after we come there we discover it is all symbols.
   So we keep in mind that Jesus Christ is the revelator, not John. John shouldn’t be John the divine or John the revelator in any respect. John was merely the one who recorded it to writing. Jesus is the revelator, the one who reveals the prophecy. He’s the one who was discovered worthy to open the seals and reveal the which means. However when He opens the seals, as we discover them being opened right here in chapter six, we discover the primary was a white horse and the second was a pink horse, and the third was a black horse, and the fourth was a pale horse, and it is simply symbolic.
   And so it nonetheless shouldn’t be made plain, however we discover that simply as Jesus defined the parables that He spoke which have been used to cloud the which means, by which the folks didn’t perceive, and which the apostles, or the disciples, actually didn’t perceive till they got here to Him and instructed Him they did not perceive. Then He revealed the which means to them in plain language. He mentioned “…to the others it isn’t given to know and due to this fact I converse in a language they don’t perceive, however to you, He mentioned, it’s given to know” (Matthew 13:10-11 paraphrased). And He defined in plain language.
   So it’s my associates, and the prophecies have been closed and sealed till now, as you learn within the twelfth chapter of Daniel. And but, even now, we learn in Daniel twelve, that the righteous would be capable to perceive (Daniel 12:10); information will now be elevated however the depraved won’t perceive. And the righteous are those that are maintaining the commandments of God, and people who are obedient to God. And the depraved are those that transgress in opposition to God and attempt to cowl it up by calling grace, license and lasciviousness, turning the grace of God into lasciviousness, (Jude 4) and there’s quite a lot of that!

The 4 Horsemen

   Nicely now we discover that Jesus does clarify these symbols with the identical similar story, however in plain language, in His prophecy on the Mount of Olives, discovered within the twenty-fourth chapter of Matthew, the thirteenth of Mark, and the twenty-first chapter of Luke, and so we have been going into that. And now we now have coated fairly a little bit floor already.
   First, He mentioned, would come false prophets. That is that white horse. It’s not the second coming of Christ, however the false prophets, or preachers, preaching that Jesus is the Christ; saying, as Jesus mentioned, “…’I’m Christ.’ [saying that He is Christ] and shall deceive [the] many.” (Matthew 24:5)
   Nicely we have had these ever because the time of Christ. Subsequent He mentioned wars. Sure, ever because the time of Christ, however all of this stuff, as I’ve defined, rising increasingly intense and persevering with all the way down to the approaching of Christ, accelerating of their depth. And so on the time of the top He says there could be world struggle: “..kingdom in opposition to kingdom… nation in opposition to nation…” [in world war] (Matthew 24:7)
   We have now reached that point now. We’re within the stage between World Battle II and World Battle III. We all know that there are no less than three world wars as a result of we now have already had two of them, and one is but to come back. We’ve not come to the ultimate struggle that’s foretold and prophesied to happen proper on the very coming of Christ, the battle at Armageddon, and the battle of the Nice Day of God Almighty, because it actually is. We’ve not come to that but. All people would speak about an Armageddon and all that kind of factor; nicely we’ve not come to that but.
   However we’re down within the approximate time of the top. We’re on the earth wars. We’re between World Battle II and World Battle III and the entire world is now preparing for World Battle III. How is it coming? From whom is it coming? When is it coming? What would be the nature of it? We will discover out. Simply preserve your ears open and your eyes open and get your Bible and open it and look into it as we undergo it, and you are going to see.
   Now then, alongside this time, after the sequence of world wars begin, and struggle is the second, or the pink horse of Revelation six. Subsequent Jesus mentioned would come famine after which pestilence. Nicely the famine is the black horse, and the pestilence, or illness epidemic, is the pale horse of Revelation. There are your 4 horsemen.
   Now we have been going into that and we now have seen that this time of famine and of drought, after all, that can convey on famine and the illness epidemics that can comply with, is described within the first chapter of Joel. And I have been displaying you that that can come simply previous to an invasion of our nation, which is the fifth factor to occur, which is the Nice Tribulation.
   Now one of many elements of the Nice Tribulation will probably be an invasion of our nation and our folks. That is solely a part of it as a result of there’s going to be a terrific deal extra of it than that. However that is the way in which it is going to begin and the way in which it is going to have an effect on us, and it’ll come. This invasion, my associates will come at a time when America and Britain, sure and Canada — you folks up in Canada, this impacts you too — when our folks, have been so weakened by common drought, with the solar simply burning up our pastures and the sheep and the cattle having no pasture — perplexed, bewildered as a result of there isn’t a pasture. And the illness epidemic that can comply with.

Repentance is Wanted

   And I’ve learn to you within the fifth chapter, I imagine it’s right here, of Ezekiel’s prophecy, how one third of our inhabitants goes to die of this illness epidemic and the famine. One third of our folks. It is going to be very, very horrible. Now I even have learn to you my associates, because the invasion is to come back at roughly the identical time, that God does promise safety to a lot of our folks if they may repent of their sins; if they may flip to God by way of Jesus Christ our Lord, and if, as Jesus mentioned, they may “watch… and pray at all times.” (Luke 21:36)
   We’re not doing that. Our land is full of church buildings, my associates, and we make point out of God in our prayers, however because the prophecies say, we don’t put our coronary heart in our prayers. We’re filled with a type of godliness, however we deny an excessive amount of, the ability thereof, as Paul wrote to Timothy (II Timothy 3:5). And there’s quite a lot of that, or quite a lot of the formal ceremony, however I wish to inform you individuals are not placing their hearts in it.
   And I learn to you within the previous program what God mentioned for us to do, and if this nation would do it, I inform you this invasion would by no means come; the place He says to “…sanctify a quick [and], name a solemn meeting (Joel 2:15): And He mentioned to “include fasting and with weeping and with mourning: And rend your coronary heart, and never your clothes…Blow the trumpet in Zion…” (Joel 2:12,13,15 paraphrased)
   Zion, after all, actually means the church from a non secular sense. However in a extra literal, a extra nationwide sense, it refers to America.
   “Sanctify a quick, name a solemn meeting,” You discover that within the very {1}second chapter of Joel the place it’s telling about what is going on to occur and the time of the Day of the Everlasting — or the Day of the Lord coming.
   Then, “Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a quick, name a solemn meeting: Collect the folks…” (Joel 2:15) [and cry out]. “And [let them] say,{2} spare thy folks, O Lord [and], give not thine heritage to reproach, that the heathen ought to rule over them…” (Joel 2:17)
   And if we do, God says He’ll flip and repent and He’ll forestall this factor from coming. My associates, there’s a purpose, not due to any goodness on our half. Not as a result of we now have been so good, or something of the sort, however there’s a purpose why God, who brings in regards to the end result of all wars, has seen to it that we now have gained World Battle I and World Battle II, and I wish to inform you, my associates, as a minister of Jesus Christ talking by His authority, that america is nearly by way of profitable wars, except and till we’re going to flip to our God who determines the end result of wars. He fights our battles.

A Revival Wanted

   God Almighty fought the battles for His folks within the Outdated Testomony. He gained the wars. There was a time when three allied nations, three allied armies have been coming down on Judah, and so they have been completely unarmed and unprepared. And their king sought God in prayer and God mentioned, “Arm your folks with their hymn books and begin singing hymns, and also you begin with none weapons or swords or something of that kind, simply marching proper down in direction of your enemy that’s coming in opposition to you.” God says that you just will not need to struggle on this battle, that God will struggle your battle for you (II Chronicles 20).
   And they also did. In religion, they obeyed. And , when the Jewish folks, Judah, bought all the way down to the place the place these troopers have been — the invading troopers — they discovered that they’d turned in opposition to one another. That they had fallen out amongst themselves, the three completely different nations that had allied, and allies practically at all times fall out, my associates. They usually had fallen out and so they had turned on one another, and at last the final two males had killed one another and so they have been all lifeless! And all that Judah needed to do was to take the spoil. And there it was. God fought the battle for them.
   I wish to inform you my associates; I want that the members of congress might perceive. I want that the President of america might have that form of religion. They’re honest males, after all, we all know they’re. I feel most of them go to church, and so they imagine in God, however oh my associates, we now have come to the place that we do not actually know God in spite of everything. We do not actually perceive, and we do not actually put our belief in God.
   You recognize we’d like to consider it every now and then and get up, as a result of we’re driving to the best fall that ever occurred to a nation except we are able to get up! Nicely if we do not God goes to punish us. I defined that within the previous program. As a result of we’re God’s folks God loves us, however we’re injuring ourselves by the issues we’re doing! I wish to inform you my associates, proper right here in america we’d like an awakening. We’d like a revival.
   Proper right here in america there’s extra crime, there’s extra divorce, there are extra damaged houses; there’s extra juvenile delinquency; there’s extra illness and illness in our hospitals; there’s extra madness, than in another nation on the face of the earth right now! Now why ought to that be? Why ought to we be the prize winners in main the world in issues like that? As a result of we’re… nicely as a nation we now have at all times had, in the principle, we now have had good altruistic and pretty Christian concepts and attitudes towards different nations, that is true.
   We have now executed many good and noble issues. One other nation invades us in struggle; God offers us the victory which we’ve not deserved. However as a result of God had promised it to our forefather means again there a very long time in the past, as a result of he obeyed God, God has given us the victory. He has given us each probability on the earth.
   Nicely we have been moderately magnanimous in a way, after the struggle is over and when God offers us the victory and so they’re defeated and we stand because the victor over them by God’s grace. As a substitute of stripping their factories of all of the tools and equipment and delivery it again to america. As a substitute of taking all of the spoil, as an alternative of robbing these folks of every part they’ve and taking it for ourselves, which has been executed down by way of historical past by most nations which have invaded and conquered, why what will we do?
   Nicely we preserve an occupation drive over there for some time, however they’re on a really pleasant foundation after which we simply ship them hundreds of thousands upon hundreds of thousands, untold hundreds of thousands and even billions of {dollars} to assist rebuild them and we assist them get again on their toes. And as an alternative of taking away from them, we start to offer. Sure, and we are able to see these issues and pat ourselves on the again. We are able to suppose we’re a fairly good nation. However what will we do amongst ourselves?

Going the way in which of Rome

   And also you look again in our historical past and have we at all times been so good? We took this land away from the Indians did not we? Now perhaps that was proper and we are able to justify it, and in a means I am certain God supposed us to have it too. I am undecided we took it God’s means; perhaps He would have given it to us in a greater means. However we’ve not at all times been 100% good now; we need not suppose we now have been, we’ve not.
   However we get to taking a look at a few of these issues and we predict we’re nearly alright, however we do not notice how we do with one another — attempt to beat one another in a enterprise deal. Competitors is fairly eager right here in america, and it is in lots of circumstances it is what they name a case of kind of canine eat canine, is not it? And the going will get fairly tough generally in enterprise. Competitors in lots of industries will get very powerful after which we now have quite a lot of strife amongst ourselves.
   We have now strife between Capital and Labor do not we? We have now strife amongst people. We even have strife in our personal houses, strife between husbands and wives; they attempt to struggle it out within the Divorce Courts. We have now quite a lot of juvenile delinquency and there’s a lot of parental delinquency again of that my associates, and it’s about time we woke as much as notice it and what’s inflicting all of this stuff.
   Now, we’re on the way in which down and out. We’re going pleasure mad, as I’ve mentioned many instances. We’re going the way in which of historical Rome, far sooner than Rome ever did and we’re driving to the largest fall that ever occurred to a nation. And God is looking on us to cry out to Him, “…spare thy folks O God.” (Joel 2:17)
   However the very first thing is to repent and switch to God and search His methods and His lifestyle. We’re not dwelling God’s means.
   My associates hear; we speak and brag an entire lot about our American lifestyle. God assist us to make our American lifestyle GOD’S lifestyle. Or is our American means the way in which that WE suppose is sweet?
   “There’s a means that seemeth proper unto a person”, says your Bible, “and that means goes to wind proper up in loss of life.” (Proverbs 14:12 paraphrased)
   Now when our American lifestyle… after all what we imply by it, is that is very high-quality, however really if you happen to look down underneath the quilt my associates, we’re not dwelling God’s means, and when you do not dwell God’s means, you are not dwelling the way in which of peace and you are not dwelling the way in which of everlasting and steady prosperity. You are not dwelling the way in which of happiness. You are not dwelling the way in which of actual goodwill, each man to his neighbor, under no circumstances! And neither have we been.
   Sure, we’d like an awakening. And hear my associates, it is not simply another person. It is alright to say, “Nicely I am alright, it is the opposite fellow that is fallacious.” When america goes the way in which it’s, it is all of us! And you’ve got your half. Now practically at all times, I discover that it is a couple of fifty/fifty deal, the spouse is about as a lot guilty because the husband, and the husband is about as a lot because the spouse.
   So I flip to the husband and I say, “Now look, you possibly can solely straighten out your half, you are not going to have the ability to browbeat your spouse into admitting the place she’s fallacious and straightening up her half of it. However you clear up your half. You alter. You admit your half and alter, and you have your answer half made.” After which I inform her that if she’ll straighten up her half that she’s made half of it after which we have an entire answer.
   However invariably he says, “No sir, you let her straighten up first. No, I will not admit something except she is going to. You let her do it first.” And he or she says, “No, let that previous brute, let him do it. Let him admit he is fallacious first. No sir, I will not do it till he does.” And there they do not budge. Now once I get right into a case like that, there is not very a lot I can do is there? Nicely if you happen to suppose it is simply the fault of the opposite particular person, you let the remainder of them straighten up and you do not do it your self, I do not know what is going on to occur to our nation.

God Fights Our Battles

   You’re a part of this nation, each certainly one of you listening to me. Why do not you look into that trying glass and see how your life is and see whether or not you’re dwelling the fitting means? “There’s a WAY that appears proper to a person — that is the way in which of loss of life” (Proverbs 16:25 paraphrased). There’s one other means that’s God’s means, the way in which of God’s legal guidelines, the lifestyle by each phrase of God. That may make you content in your house. That may make you content as a citizen of america, and if all of us start to dwell that means my associates, we will have a beautiful blissful nation.
   We aren’t going to have any extra wars as a result of if you dwell that means you’re trusting in God REALLY, and God will struggle our battles for us. Now when you might have a private battle, you need not fear about it. I’ve enemies. I’ve folks sniping round and making an attempt to assault me, after all! I would not be God’s minister if I did not my associates; it is the very best proof on the earth. All the time falsely accusing.
   And this I’ve observed, that those that go round accusing — after all the satan is the accuser of the brethren — and people who go round accusing, are at all times responsible of the very factor that they falsely accuse others of.
   Now I haven’t got to fret about issues like that as a result of God fights my battles, and irrespective of how offended, irrespective of how bitter, irrespective of how vicious an individual can get, God has His methods of taking good care of such folks.
   “Vengeance is mine… saith the Everlasting” (Romans 12:19) and He’ll maintain every part of that kind.
   Now I realized way back that God fights my private battles. I haven’t got to struggle. I haven’t got to struggle. My identify, each my first and final identify has one thing to do about being a warrior, and my final identify means a “sturdy armed warrior.” I neglect what my first one is precisely; I noticed it in a dictionary right here the opposite day. You’ll be able to look it up if you wish to at the back of the dictionary, but it surely has to do with being a warrior.
   Nicely if there’s something I hate and despise, it is warfare. If I am backed right into a nook the place I’ve to, I by no means again down, I at all times struggle. However I by no means select a struggle, and I will not get right into a struggle if there’s any doable means of maintaining out of it, as a result of I let God do the combating. And He’ll do your combating, and hear; He would do our nation’s combating if we might let Him.
   Jesus mentioned, “My kingdom shouldn’t be of this world, if [it] have been… then would my servants struggle.” (John 18:36)
   That is not Christ’s means. When Peter misplaced his mood and sliced off a person’s ear with a sword, Jesus rebuked him for it and Jesus, by divine energy, by a MIRACLE, put that ear again on, it was immediately healed. No, He’s not a fighter. Some folks have a horrible lack of know-how. God have mercy.
   Now here is coming this famine and this pestilence, and God has a means of escape for individuals who will take it. THE WHOLE NATION, if WE WILL CRY OUT to Him, and also you as a person, if the entire nation will not heed, I’ve learn it to you right here within the twenty-first chapter of Luke the place He says;
   “Watch ye due to this fact, and pray at all times, that ye could also be accounted worthy to flee ALL this stuff that shall come to cross.” (Luke 21:36)
   And He had simply been mentioning right here that, “…these be the times of vengeance that every one issues [which are] written could also be fulfilled” (Luke 21:22). And talking of our folks, He says we “…shall fall by the sting of the sword, and [shall] be led away captive into all nations…” (Luke 21:24): and all of these issues;
   “So likewise ye, when ye see this stuff come to cross, know ye that the dominion of God is NIGH at hand.” (Luke 21:31)
   It hasn’t even come but! Lots of people suppose the dominion of God began again there nineteen hundred years in the past. No, it is close to at hand right now. It hasn’t come. Now then my associates, one different factor. Proper at the moment there’s a means of escape for these which can be going to depend on God, and earlier than I come to the Nice Tribulation I need to make that plain.

The signal of His Coming

   However there’s something else proper right here that Jesus talked about in Matthew twenty-four, He intervenes proper right here within the fourteenth verse of the twenty-fourth chapter proper after He has mentioned that:
   “Then shall they ship you as much as be troubled, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my identify’s sake.” (Matthew 24:9)
   And I simply learn to you in Luke’s account of the identical similar speech the place Luke exhibits that we’re to be invaded. Now, simply previous to this time, and in ample time for warning, here is what is going on to occur.
   Jesus mentioned in verse fourteen “And this gospel of the KINGDOM shall be preached in ALL the world for a witness unto all nations; after which shall the top come.” (Matthew 24:14)
   Now what are they asking? Here is the query they’d put to Him, they mentioned; “What shall be the signal of thy coming, and [of] the top of the world? “…when shall this stuff be? [and] what shall be the signal of thy coming, and of the top of the world?” (Matthew 24:3)
   Now the wars and rumors of wars shouldn’t be the top. He mentioned that is not the finish. The false preachers, that is not the top. The famine and pestilence is not the top, however He mentioned, “This gospel of the dominion shall be preached in all of the world for a witness…” (Matthew 24:14)
   Now the apostles went out, and to the world at the moment, they preached the gospel of the dominion, and I have been supplying you with the historical past my associates, of precisely what occurred to that gospel. Lastly males bought to substituting a gospel ABOUT the PERSON of Christ SAYING that Jesus is the Christ and DECEIVING the folks as a result of they unnoticed the REAL TRUE GOSPEL: of what SALVATION IS — of what IS the reward of the Christian? — of what IS the situation of the Christian? — WHERE is it going to be? — WHAT is it going to be?
   Let me simply cease proper right here to inform you, it is not a lot a matter of geographical location as as to whether it is in heaven or on the earth or the place it’s, as it’s a situation that you may be in. That is what will probably be your actual reward. What will probably be your state? It is the state by which you’re, moderately that the place by which you’re. You recognize, if you’re all bitter and, oh, simply filled with resentment and anger and bitterness and jealousy and malice, like some individuals are.
   You recognize even if you happen to have been taken to heaven, and the form of heaven that individuals suppose they’ll go to, you would not be blissful there. You’ll be depressing. No, happiness my associates, shouldn’t be a geographical location. Happiness is WITHIN you. Individuals simply do not appear to know what happiness is. Some folks suppose, “Nicely if I might simply be someplace else I would be blissful.” They’d go there then they aren’t blissful! No, that place is cursed too, and the place ever they go they’re sad.
   Happiness comes proper inside you. You will need to do away with that bitterness and all that anger and that malice, and resentfulness, that jealousy, get that out of your coronary heart and all that root of bitterness. And let the blessed Holy Spirit of God are available in. After which “develop in grace and in [the] information.” (II Peter 3:18)
   Now “This gospel of the dominion shall be preached in all of the world for a witness [not to convert all the world but as a witness] unto all nations; after which shall the top come.” (Matthew 24:14)
   And my associates, that gospel goes to all of the world now.

It is All In regards to the Coronary heart

   They have been listening to quite a bit a couple of gospel that is named salvation by many individuals who don’t perceive what salvation is. They do not actually know, and I will convey you a message very quickly, and I will present you simply what that salvation is. And I will present you the way, the actual state and the actual salvation that God has for us is SO FAR, so INFINITELY SUPERIOR to what most individuals conceive as everlasting bliss in heaven, that your thoughts simply cannot grasp the distinction.
   After I learn to you the place if we’re Christ’s, we’re ABRAHAM’S CHILDREN and HEIRS in accordance with the promise made to Abraham, and God promised Abraham this earth. Now examine that in accordance with your Bible. What authority have you ever for going to heaven? Nicely hear, it is not a matter of going to heaven or the place. What’s fallacious with you, it is only a curse on it, simply what’s within the hearts and the minds of individuals.
   And I wish to inform you that God has in retailer one thing for us if we are going to yield ourselves to Him. If we are going to give up to Him that’s so INFINITELY superior to what most individuals thought going to heaven could be. Oh it is not something much less, it’s one thing a lot GREATER; “the glory [that] shall be revealed in us.” (Romans 8:18)
   “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard neither has it entered the center of man, the issues that God has ready for people who love him.” (I Corinthians 2:9 paraphrased)
   Now we will have quite a lot of troubles coming. God will defend you thru all these troubles if you’re going to get your HEART proper with Him. God appears to be like on the center. What’s your spirit, your perspective of thoughts? The place is your coronary heart? That is the factor that counts my associates. So that you want haven’t any worry of the issues which can be coming as we glance into the prophecies, if you happen to get your coronary heart proper with God.
   Oh I see the time is about up. Pay attention, as soon as once more I will point out, you want religion for answered prayers. Why do not you write in for our booklet on ‘What Kind of Faith is Required for Salvation‘ and ‘What is Faith‘ in order that what religion actually is and why you aren’t getting a solution to your prayers. Jesus is there on that throne of God as your Excessive Priest. It is a tremendous booklet and examine it in your Bible. Test it CAREFULLY. Consider what you see in your Bible. This may present you the place to seek out it.
   Pay attention; write in for these booklets, there isn’t a cost in any respect. Till tomorrow then, “Goodbye associates.”

{1} Footnote: Mr. Armstrong mistakenly mentioned the primary chapter of Joel, however the citation is from the second.

{2} Footnote: In quoting this verse Mr. Armstrong reversed the start of it by saying, “O Lord, spare thy folks…”


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