Define of Prophecy 11 – Coming Nice Tribulation


   Now, as soon as once more, persevering with what is going on to occur to the USA. What’s prophesied? Let’s proceed proper on now that tremendous, that very important prophecy about the USA and our future, the thirtieth-first chapter of Jeremiah. Right here is an astounding prophecy for our very individuals. A prophecy that’s but to be fulfilled within the very subsequent few years. Even now, the very forces to convey this about are creating.., and unrealized by the world. If you realize what is going on to occur, you may see this creating. However others, who see this creating, do not understand the place it’s going to lead as a result of they do not perceive Biblical prophecy. This prophecy reveals that the individuals of the so-called misplaced ten tribes of Israel, are to be in a situation of captivity, and a horrible nationwide tribulation on the time of the second coming of Christ.

   My pals, I’m wondering should you understand as a result of virtually no person realizes it, I do not suppose you hear church denominations understanding it or preaching it, I do not suppose you may hear it in lots of church buildings, I do not suppose you are going to discover very many ministers or laymen, pastors or anyone, Bible college students, theologians who perceive that in lots of, many alternative locations in your Bible, it reveals that the situation of Israel, not simply Judah, not simply the Jewish individuals, however Israel is a nationwide captivity, not the scattered situation of the Jewish individuals over the world, not simply the captivity of the nation that’s now referred to as Israel that has gone again to Palestine, the Zionist motion, not that, however prophesies that would not apply to these individuals are that situation in any method, displaying that there’s Israel, the misplaced ten tribes, the pilgrims, and that they’re as a nation in a situation of captivity and a horrible tribulation on the time of the second coming of Christ. And that one of many very functions of the second coming of Christ is to ship that very individuals. To interrupt the yoke that’s on their neck. And that they and the Jewish individuals collectively, who’s Judah, are going to then be taken collectively again to Palestine.

   Now, this is a prophecy that present’s how they are going again collectively earlier than we return into the thirty-first chapter of Jeremiah. Take heed to this just a bit within the fourteenth chapter of Isaiah, Isaiah the fourteenth chapter: (Isaiah 14:1) For The ETERNAL could have pity on Jacob; and as soon as extra take Israel as His personal, settling them in their very own nation. [That’s back in Palestine, now I want you to notice, my friends, this is not just the return seventy years after the Jewish captivity, which had happened in.., well around 600 years before Christ. This is not the return that did happen under the time of Ezra and Nehemiah; not at all. This is nothing that has ever occurred yet, Listen:] “For The ETERNAL could have pity upon Jacob and as soon as extra take Israel as His personal, settling them in their very own nation, the place foreigners shall be a part of them and connected themselves to the family of Jacob.”

   The family of Israel, or this nation now, the home of Israel; the dominion of Israel, shall be performed dwelling by outdoors nations. By outdoors nations. Now, within the return underneath Ezra and Nehemiah, the king of the federal government underneath which they have been on the time, they’d been taken captive by the Chaldeans or Babylon, after which the Persians gave the decree that they may go on again. The Persians who succeeded Babylon and had conquered Babylon, or the Chaldean empire, they usually have been the reigning empire of the entire world at the moment and the king of the Persian empire gave them permission to return, however they weren’t performed by completely different nations.

   They have been enabled to go, they usually have been allowed to go, they usually went again on their very own energy. However presently I would like you to note, the family of Israel shall be performed dwelling by outdoors nations. After which Israel shall maintain them as slaves within the land of The ETERNAL. [Now, that’s in Palestine, and now get that, I am going to go slow enough for you get this. I’m reading this, incidentally, from the Moffet translation, which is a little plainer in English than it is in the King James just here. But, it’s the same thing exactly no matter which one you use. Same Bible, just a different translation and in more modern English that makes if plainer. The household of Israel shall be conducted home by outside nations, more than one nation. And then Israel shall hold them as slaves in the land of The ETERNAL. Now, the nations that take them back are going to be held in Palestine as slaves. Now that didn’t happen in the exodus back there under Ezra and Nehemiah at all, it has never happened yet, so if is a prophecy that is yet to come, thus making captives of their former captors and ruling over their oppressors. Now, here is a king of Babylon who had held them captive.]

   (Isa 14:2) Nations will take them and convey them to their very own place. And the home of Israel will possess the nations as menservants and maidservants within the Lord’s land. They [Israel] will make captives of their captors and rule over their oppressors NIV. Now, I used to be displaying you, my pals, in Jeremiah 31, that it is the time of Jacob’s bother that’s coming; that’s The Nice Tribulation. And all Bible college students know that this Nice Tribulation is but sooner or later, it’s but to return. It is not one thing that occurred method again there again in Biblical historical past, lengthy, way back. The Nice Tribulation is a future occasion and Jesus explains it in Matthew 24 as a time of bother.., akin to by no means has existed on this earth since there was a nation nor ever shall be.

   (Matt 24: 21-22) For then shall be nice tribulation, akin to was not because the starting of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And besides these days must be shortened, there ought to no flesh be saved (alive): however for the elect’s sake these days shall be shortened. Now, if you would like the time ingredient of it, He says that it’s the time when besides these days be shorten, no flesh must be saved alive. In different phrases, a time when it is doable to annihilate human life from off the face of this planet. My pals, till the final thirty years that has by no means been doable however now it’s doable to annihilate all life; human, animal and vegetation from off of the face of this earth. Now that is similar equivalent time that Daniel speaks of. Bear in mind the time of the best bother that has ever occur since there was a nation,

   Daniel says, it’s the time when this man that’s recognized and is in fashionable language referred to as Babylon will likely be over in Palestine and can plant, truly his capitol over there in Palestine. (Dan 11: 41) He shall enter additionally into the fantastic land, and lots of nations shall be overthrown: however these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom, and Moab, and the chief of the youngsters of Ammon. (Dan 11: 45) And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas within the superb holy mountain; but he shall come to his finish, and none shall assist him.

   (Dan 12:1) And at the moment shall Michael rise up, the good prince [or archangel.] that standeth for the youngsters of thy individuals [or Israel]: and there shall be a time of bother, akin to by no means was since there was a nation even to that very same time: [You see, there can’t be any two times like that; each one greater than the other, that’s impossible – this is the same time that is spoken of by Jesus except those times should be shorten, no flesh should be saved alive.] It is the time we’re coming to proper now. [And listen: A time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time] and at the moment [now] at the moment, thy individuals shall be delivered [every one that shall be found written in the book.] Sure our individuals in slavery are going to be delivered from that captivity and that slavery, (Dan 12:2) And plenty of of them that sleep [These are dead people,] within the mud of the earth shall awake, some to eternal life, [The dead in Christ are to rise first. When is that? Why at the second coming of Christ.., as many other prophecies tell you.]

   Now, right here we discover that very same time in Jeremiah 30. And it’s stated right here that it’s a time of bother; that day is nice, in order that none is prefer it, and the best time of bother that ever occurred, it’s the time of Jacob’s bother. (Jer 30: 6-7) Ask ye now, and see whether or not a person doth travail with baby? Wherefore do I see each man along with his palms on his loins, as a lady in travail, and all faces are was paleness? Alas! For that day is nice, in order that none is prefer it: it’s even the time of Jacob’s bother; however he shall be saved out of it.

   (Jer 30: 8- 9) “Now he’ll be saved out of it, after all, it says there and in verse eight, and it shall come to cross, in that day, says the Lord of Hosts, that I’ll break the yoke off their neck, off of Israel’s neck, and I’ll burst their bonds, the bonds of slavery, and strangers, that is different Gentile nations, shall no extra make servants of them. However they shall serve The Everlasting their God, and David their King who I’ll elevate up for them.” [You see, the dead in Christ are being resurrected at the time, Michael stands up, this time of trouble, which is Jacob’s trouble, many that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake and here is David among them and David is resurrected, and Jesus is coming at His second coming, He is going to break the yoke.]

   Now, who locations that yoke on our neck? Flip actual rapidly again to Isa 47: And let me present you it’s Babylon and the king of Babylon. Nevertheless it is not the traditional king of Babylon, the 600 years earlier than Christ. In no way. Now, Isaiah 47: (Isaiah 47:1) Come down, and sit within the mud, O virgin daughter of Babylon, [Here is speaking of a virgin daughter of Babylon, not that ancient Babylon 600 years before Christ but a daughter of that Babylon and this is a female.] There isn’t a throne, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no extra be referred to as tender and delicate. Now, verse 5, (Isaiah 47:5) Sit thou silent, and get thee into darkness, O daughter of the Chaldeans: for thou shalt no extra be referred to as, The woman of kingdoms [In other words, a lady, a women that ruled over different governments and different kingdoms. Who could that be? Now notice, that God said]: (Isaiah 47:6) I used to be wroth with my individuals [That’s Israel.], I’ve polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand [This daughter of Babylon into thine hand ]: thou didst present them no mercy; upon the traditional [That is upon Israel] hast thou very closely laid thy yoke. [Now, there’s the one who lays the yoke on Israel. “And at the second coming of Christ, Jesus says, I will break the yoke from off their neck. And that’s at the time when David will be resurrected”]. I’ll break the yoke from off their necks, That is verse eight now, again into Jeremiah 30, (Jer. 30:8) And I’ll burst their bonds [That is the bonds of slavery], and strangers [That’s Gentiles] shall no extra make servants of them or slaves, however they shall serve The ETERNAL their God [Because Christ will be here as king of Kings], and David their king, whom I’ll elevate up for them.

   Now, upon this historic [Israel] hast thou, [this daughter of Babylon] very closely laid thy yoke — (Isaiah 47:6). (Isaiah 47: 7) And thou saidst, I shall be a woman for ever: in order that thou didst not lay this stuff to coronary heart, neither didst bear in mind the top of it. [Now my friends, you can compare that to Rev. 18, and verse 7, and you’ll find the very same identical thing]. (Rev 18: 7-8) “How a lot she hath glorified herself [Here is a female gender, this is the daughter of that ancient Babylon. How much she has glorified herself] and lived deliciously, a lot torment and sorrow give her, says God, she saith in her coronary heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. [There it is, quoted right out of Isaiah 47, verse 7 that I just got through reading to you.] Subsequently shall her plagues are available sooner or later, loss of life, and mourning, and famine; and he or she shall be completely burned with hearth: for robust is the Lord God that judgeth her.” [That is God’s judgments, the last plagues that are poured out on this Babylon, this daughter of the ancient Babylon. Now, in verse four,] (Rev 18:4) I heard a voice from heaven, say, Come out of her, my individuals [Israel is in her, come out of her, my people, Israel.] that you simply be not partakers of her sins [It’s not here speaking of Christians, because Christians have already come out of sin, and they have plead the blood of Jesus Christ and they are being cleansed by the blood of Christ and through the power of the Holy Spirit of God. So, this is carnal, national, unconverted Israel and God says, Come out of her [out of Babylon], my people who ye be not partakers of her sins, that ye obtain not of her plagues. Now, in verse 2,

   (Rev 18: 2-3) [Here’s this angel crying] with a robust voice, saying, Babylon the good is fallen, is fallen, and is grow to be the habitation of devils, and the maintain of each foul spirit. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication [A lady ruling over kingdoms, now that only continuing right on from the seventeen chapter, so let’s go back there and see what this lady is called.]

   Here’s a woman of kingdoms, and within the seventeenth chapter of Revelation, this is one of many seven angels that had the seven final plagues, her judgments, that God is pouring out on her, and this angel says, (Rev 17: 1), Come hither; [to John, who recorded the book of Revelation,] Come hither, I’ll present unto thee the judgment of the good whore [Now, that is a fallen women and is a great fallen women, whatever this is, it’s great and it is a fallen women,] that sitteth upon many waters: [Now what are those many waters?] Verse fifteen says, “The waters which thou sawest, the place the whore sitteth, are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues.” [There is a woman, a lady, a lady of kingdoms, sitting over nations and multitudes and different languages.]

   (Rev 17:2) — Now, with whom the kings of the earth have dedicated fornication, [Oh, here is a women that hasn’t waited for Christ, to be married to Christ, the king of Kings. No, here is a woman who has married the kings of this earth. Who has committed fornication, spiritual fornication, this is spiritual language of course and its symbolical here in Revelation 17] “the inhabitants of the earth have been made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” And I learn to you in (Rev. 18:3), “All nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” And they’re all drunk, spiritually on it till they cannot see God’s reality within the Bible.

   No marvel the Bible has been turned the wrong way up. And is being turned the wrong way up. No marvel the entire world is deceived by Devil the satan, and that is his company. This girls, this nice fallen girls, this woman of kingdoms, now what’s her title? In verse Four is the ladies and he or she is sitting on a scarlet colored beast in verse 3, and that’s the kings of the earth and in verse 4, the ladies was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and in verse 5, upon her ahead was a reputation written, “MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, [Here is a woman, Babylon the great,] THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” And in verse eight, right here is the beast she rode on:

   (Rev 17:8) — The beast that thou sawest was, and isn’t; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: [Now, my friends, let me just identify right here that that beast is the ancient Roman Empire. And all Bible scholars, I think of, well let’s see, I was going to say Protestant, Catholic and Jewish I can’t quite say that because the Jewish people will not accept the book of Revelation at all. But, all of the others I think, regardless of sect or denomination, it is generally regarded and understood, and in many of the commentaries and Bible published by the different divisions that are called Christianity today, they say that this beast is the ancient Roman Empire.] Now, hear: “The beast, or the traditional Roman Empire, that thou sawest was, and isn’t; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit.” [Yes, the ancient Roman Empire, it was, but it is not, is it; today, but this says that it is going to come up again, shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, that is virtual nonexistence, and yet it has existed, the germ of it or the life somehow, it is coming back in a resurrection.] And hear: “and can go into perdition: they usually that dwell on the earth shall marvel! Oh, it is going to astound, it’s going to dumbfound the individuals of this world. Shall marvel: whose names weren’t written within the e book of life from the muse of the world, after they behold the beast [That’s the Roman Empire] that was, and isn’t, and but is.”

   Now, the seven heads are seven mountains, that’s seven nations or dynasties or governments on which the lady sits. Now, there are seven kings, 5 are fallen, one is and the opposite will not be but come. And you’ll present, my pals, if you realize your historical past, the 5 are fallen. That wound up with the one who met his waterloo, Napoleon! He was the final one of many 5 which might be fallen. And, there yet one more now but now to return. Even that sixth one has come now, and there yet one more; a seventh, but to return. And when he comes, he should proceed ‘a brief area,’ wont final very lengthy.

   Now, and the ten horns that have been on this beast, there have been ten horns on this beast, they’re ten kings. Ten kings which have acquired no kingdom as but, however obtain energy as kings one hour with the beast. Subsequently, they’re dictators and that is just one hour, a really, very brief time. As a result of that is solely going to proceed a brief area, when it comes. Now, mark this! That after this resurrection, after this resurrection of the Roman Empire, by ten dictatorships or by ten nations, over there within the basic territory of Europe and across the Mediterranean of the traditional Roman Empire, it’s coming once more to life in line with this prophecy, and it is solely going to final a really brief time when it does. Now, how is it going to return to its finish? Pay attention, these have one thoughts and shall give their energy and power unto the beast. [That’s military power.] Below the beast, now to not the lady that rode it, however to the beast, he shall make conflict with the Lamb [That’s Christ] and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he’s Lord of lords, and King of kings. They usually which might be with him are referred to as, and chosen, and trustworthy.

   Now, they’ll make conflict with Christ, He isn’t Lord of lords, He isn’t King of kings, till the time of His second coming. And so, this says they’ll combat Christ at His second coming. This energy will solely exist a really brief time, it’s going to come to its finish on the second coming of Christ, subsequently it can’t be resurrected till a really brief time simply earlier than the second coming of Christ. Now do you see? And right here is that this lady referred to as Babylon. The woman of kingdoms, and in verse eighteen, (Rev 17:18), the lady which thou sawest is that nice metropolis, which reigneth over the kings of the earth. [Or, has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.] There you’re. Now, that is the daughter of the traditional Babylon! And that, my pals, is the facility, that’s to take captive fashionable Israel and my pals, we’re the descendants of the misplaced ten tribes, we’re their individuals on this technology, imagine it or not.

   My pals, God has given us the best bodily energy, the best assets, the best quantity of luxurious in all the pieces that wealth and materials wealth and materials and nationwide blessings may give that any nation has ever had within the historical past of this world. As a result of Abraham obeyed God and saved His commandments, His statues and His legal guidelines. As soon as once more, let me let you know, should you do not perceive our identification and know who we’re in Bible prophecy; it is probably the most stunning factor you ever learn. It is so stunning that most individuals say oh, that simply could not be true. And you will find that numerous them with out trustworthy investigation simply sneer, they simply chuckle, they ridicule, they simply say, Oh, that is simply fashionable fanaticism. My pals, it is a problem. Get our booklet The USA in Prophecy; learn this in your Bible and you may learn there probably the most astounding factor that you’ve got each learn. You can’t perceive your Bible, you’re blind to your Bible, you are blind to prophecy until you realize this key. This reality that’s the key that can unlock prophecy so as to perceive it. Now, right here it’s. We’re the individuals and that yoke is to be on us. And so, I have been studying to you, my pals, how God has stated, I’ll save the from afar thy seed from the place? From the land of their captivity. From the land of their captivity. The Jewish individuals, my pals, are scattered all around the earth. This isn’t referring to a captivity of simply these individuals there. However God says, (Jer 30:11) I’m with thee, saith THE ETERNAL, to save lots of thee: [I’m still in the thirtieths chapter; now again in the eleventh verse] to save lots of thee: although I make a full finish of all of the nations whither I’ve scattered thee, but will I not make a full finish of thee: however I’ll appropriate thee [with judgment], and won’t depart thee altogether unpunished.

   We have now classes to study as I’ve been telling you. God goes to punish, He’s going to chasten us my pals till we study our classes so we may be glad, so our land may be rid of it is insane asylums and it is hospitals, and it is jails and it is prisons, and till we get ourselves cleaned up. And till we get rid, for example, of this divorce and remarriage nationwide evil that’s breaking apart about one dwelling in three in the USA. I let you know my pals, we lead the world in crime! Simply go get the statistics. Go purchase a world almanac on the information stand or in a bookstore and simply have a look at the crimes. Evaluate them with these of different nations. There’s extra crime, there’s extra of that kind of factor occurring and extra sin proper right here in America than anyplace on earth and God goes to punish, and God has plead with our individuals with preaching, He pleading with you proper now, my pals, via my voice. And tens of millions are listening to it. However I do know, my pals, that the majority of you’ll not heed. However God goes to ship the type of preaching to you, the type of bodily punishment that will likely be heeded. Sure, it’s going to. And, the prophecy is for the latter days, proper now! The final verse of the thirtieth chapter (Jer. 30: 24):

   And he says he’ll chastise us with a merciless one due to the multitude of our iniquity as a result of thy sins have been elevated. We’re doing the issues which might be evil and are sin within the eyes of The ETERNAL. However issues that we are saying are good and proper and alright in our personal eyes. We are saying, nicely we do not see any hurt in it. Now, lastly, verse twelve, the thirty-first chapter, Jeremiah thirty-one, nicely let’s start with verse ten, (Jer 31:10) “Hear the phrase of The ETERNAL, O ye nations, and declare it within the isles afar off.” [And I had read to you where this is to be proclaimed in the chief of the nations] In verse seven: “Sing with gladness for Jacob, and shout among the many chief of the nations: publish ye, reward ye, and say, O ETERNAL, save thy individuals, the remnant of Israel.” The final technology of this age, the very technology that goes into the second coming of Christ. We’re that individuals, we’re that point, my pals, I do know you haven’t heard something like this earlier than. I understand how unusual, how stunning that is to your ears however I need to let you know, my pals, that is a very powerful message of this hour, for the entire world, that is most necessary message that has ever been shouted in the USA of America. And, you higher open up your ears and heed, as a result of that is the very phrase of God. I am providing you with, thus saith the Lord, for each phrase of it and it is as sure because the rising and setting of the solar. Pay attention: For The ETERNAL has redeemed Jacob [that’s at the second coming of Christ]. Right here it’s, “declare it within the isles .” Sure, the British Isles. And say “He that scattered Israel will collect him and preserve him as a shepherd does his flock.” Now, on the time of the time of the second coming of Christ, we will be gathered. We will be right into a time of captivity if we do not get up, if we do not repent, if we do not return to our God.

   (Jer 31:11) For THE ETERNAL hath redeemed Jacob [That’s speaking of Christ, at His second coming.], have redeemed Jacob and ransomed him from the hand of him that was stronger than he. I want to learn that to you within the Moffat translation, that eleventh verse, verse eleven, within the Moffat translation, “For The ETERNAL has set Jacob free, and rescued him from a stronger energy.” That is that energy I simply learn to you about and I need to let you know, my pals, it is forming proper now over in Europe. It’s blitzkrieg; it’s lightening quick kind of conflict making machine that works a lot extra quickly, a lot sooner than the Communists. The Communists are planning to invade and conquer the USA, after all they’re. However they’re gradual transferring. And they aren’t going to make it, my pals, till one other energy that I’ve simply been studying to you within the prophesies of God Almighty, could have risen quickly, so quick when it comes it’s going to simply take the breath of the world. You are going to be shock! The individuals do not know it is coming, however we all know the certain phrase of prophecy and what’s approaching this world. And hear, we will be rescued from a hand that’s stronger than ours.

   (Jer 31:12-13) Subsequently they shall come and sing within the peak of Zion, and shall circulate collectively to the goodness of THE ETERNAL, for wheat, and for wine, and for oil, and for the younger of the flock of the herd: and so forth. Then shall the virgin rejoice within the dance, after which as we learn over right here in (Jer 50:4). In these days, and in that point, saith THE ETERNAL, the youngsters of Israel shall come, they and the youngsters of Judah collectively, going and weeping: they shall go, and search THE ETERNAL their God [That’s Christ, when He’s here, in person]. Israel and Judah collectively. Judah is the Jewish individuals, my pals, this has been talking of one other individuals. Not Judah, not the Jewish individuals, however Israel, the Home of Israel that has been referred to as the misplaced ten tribes. They’ve been misplaced. Sure, however we all know who they’re and the place they’re now!


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