In a primary, man sentenced to five.5 months in jail for possessing cable ties by Hong Kong court docket : worldnews


degree 2

  1. that individual rally was authorized. Additionally, it is a busy district, it is onerous to show he was a part of the rally.

  2. that in itself isn’t against the law. Quantity additionally means nothing. Whenever you purchase cable ties do you purchase one every time? Everybody buys them by packs.

  3. He didn’t admit to the accusation ( The decide ‘deduced’ his crime as a ‘logical conclusion’.

That is fairly ridiculous imo to infer somebody’s legal intent should you do not catch him red-handed, or have concrete proof he was about to commit that crime (like taking out the ties and about handy them to different protesters developing barricades)

Additionally, we now have this man possessing ‘offensive weapon’ aka cable ties that at worst helped constructed a barrier within the roadblocks sentenced to jail for five months with out bail; in the meanwhile we now have knife-touting pro-Beijing individuals’s charges dropped or allowed binding-over.


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