Christine Mahkent Knew About Her Sons Powers? Stargirl Principle Time!


Did Christine know that her son had powers just like his father?

Is it potential that Cameron’s mom, Christine knew about his powers and was hinting that he had them? That’s the speculation we’re exploring immediately. We’ve rewatching the primary season of Stargirl for our 101 enjoyable info publish which remains to be presently within the works. Nevertheless, as we have been watching the episode, ‘Icicle’ one thing caught our consideration.

As Christine lay dying, Jordan brings a younger Cameron in to say goodbye. She tells her son she loves him and that he’s particular. That is what received our consideration.

Is is feasible that Christine knew about her son’s pending skills? We glance into this now.

What We Know Already About Christine

There’s not numerous info on Christine in the meanwhile, however we’re hoping that Season 2 will shred some extra mild on her. Right here’s what we all know already:

  • Jordan met her in London and was nervous to ask her out.
  • Christine used to sketch Jordan whereas she was ready for him to ask her out.
  • Her inventive talent rubbed off on Cameron to the purpose he’s most important artwork type is paint like his mom’s.
  • Christine was uncovered to an unknown toxin that result in her getting most cancers
  • She was a college instructor.
  • She had the identical mindset as her husband; destroy anybody who stands in opposition to Venture New America.
  • She had an in depth bond along with her in-laws, Lily and Sofus as they have been current the evening she died.

These are the one issues we learn about her.

Did She Know About Jordan’s Powers And Id As Icicle?

Whereas this has not be confirmed, it’s implied within the ‘Icicle’ episode that Christine knew or impressed the concept of Project New America. Earlier than she dies, Jordan vows to make the individuals accountable pay for getting her sick.

Now, we all know Jordan did succeed with Venture New America to a sure extent. Nevertheless, this doesn’t give us a solution to our query of whether or not Christine knew about her husband’s powers.

It’s potential that Christine was conscious in the identical diploma Denise Zarick knew tiny bits of details about William. Nevertheless, Jordan wasn’t almost as selective as his ISA lackey. His personal mother and father, Lily and Sofus knew about his powers and Venture New America.

If Christine knew about Jordan’s powers and his Icicle identification, it wouldn’t shock us if it was addressed additional in Season 2 as we’re getting extra Cameron and possibly his grandparents too.

Hints From Jordan

There’s no doubts that Jordan’s plan was virtually excellent. He needed to wipe out corruption and have a world order the place everyone seems to be handled pretty. Sounds good, proper? It might be if that didn’t imply having to kill 25 million individuals as a result of they’d break Brainwave’s management.

In ‘Icicle’ Jordan makes reference to the promise he made his spouse as she lay of their mattress dying; to make America a greater place for his or her son. She even says to him simply second earlier than she dies to destroy anybody who stands in his means. We expect that’s sufficient proof Christine knew about her husband, however the place does this put their solely youngster?

The place Does Cameron Sit In All This?

Lastly, we have to query the place Cameron sits in all of this. In spite of everything, this can be a concept about his mom. Did Christine know that he has powers? We expect she had an inkling given what she knew about Jordan. Whether or not she was conscious 100%, is unclear.

Need did you consider our concept? Is it took far-fetched? You should definitely inform us under!


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