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[Photograph: Vicky Wasik]

Ackee and saltfish isn’t simply Jamaica’s nationwide dish; it’s additionally a favourite breakfast or brunch for Jamaicans all over the place. Ackee is a savory fruit with thick pink pores and skin; when unripe, the pores and skin kinds a sealed pod, however when the fruit ripens, the pores and skin opens as much as reveal a gorgeous petal-like form containing three or 4 yellow pegs topped with a single black seed. Native to West Africa, ackee got here to Jamaica together with enslaved Africans, who used its seed as a talisman.

If incorrectly ready, recent ackee can doubtlessly be toxic, however it’s completely suitable for eating if harvested and ready accurately. The pores and skin should be naturally open earlier than choosing; the pegs, as soon as extracted from the pod, are completely cleaned by eradicating the seed and the pink membrane that’s embedded within the flesh of the peg; the fruit is then boiled in salted water. Outdoors of Jamaica, ackee isn’t offered recent, however it’s available in cans and could be present in on-line groceries and mainstream supermarkets all through the USA, Canada, and the UK.

Salt cod, often called saltfish within the islands, is a staple within the delicacies of just about all Caribbean islands because it fashioned a part of the Triangular Commerce between Europe, Africa and the Americas, tying its historical past to that of the African slave commerce, slavery on Caribbean plantations, and the manufacturing and commerce of West Indian sugar and rum. Whereas high-quality North American salted cod was being exported to Europe, a decrease high quality product of poorly cured fish—known as “West India Treatment”—was being offered to plantation house owners within the Caribbean. The West Indian slave proprietor relied on imported salt cod as an affordable type of nourishment for slaves. Actually, commerce in salt cod from Nova Scotia to plantation and slave house owners within the Caribbean was so excessive that by 1889 the Financial institution of Nova Scotia opened a department in Kingston, Jamaica, to assist the profitable commerce, changing into the primary financial institution ever to increase exterior of its nation of origin.

What makes this dish authentic and stunning is how properly these two very completely different substances mix to create a meal that’s each delicate and daring. Ackee has a delicate texture and delicate nutty style, impartial sufficient to soak up the flavour of no matter it’s cooked with; this tempers the sharp, vibrant, saltiness and agency, dry texture of saltfish. The addition of Scotch bonnet pepper, garlic, thyme, inexperienced peppers, onions, and scallion, together with a facet of avocado, fried ripe plantain, steamed callaloo and johnnycakes, or fried dumplings, makes an unforgettable feast.


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